High Desert Memories - A Hometown Journal Commemorating Ridgecrest California
  Located NW of Mojave on Hwy 58 this little town was a stopping point in the 50's when many of us made the trip to Bakersfield.  There was a hamburger place there I used to stop and get a snack and coke before traveling on.   On many trips by bus to Bakersfield and other towns in the geneeral area we stopped in Tehachapi to take a break. 

This town was originated in support of the railroad.  Tehachapi is an indian name and though today Tehachapi is bypassed by the highway it is still a thriving community.  Many have found its valley and the surrounding mountains a place to retire and escape the difficulties of urban living.
  Tehachapis Indian heritage is displayed in its museum in the form of artwork, petroglyphs and pottery and baskets of the Indian tribe native to the area.
  Another industry which has flourished in California is installed in the mountains surrounding Tehachapi.  Wind generation is very important in this area of prevailing winds.  These wind turbines abound and are plentiful in their different types.  Almost looking like forests in the hills they provide a respectable amount of power for California.