High Desert Memories - A Hometown Journal Commemorating Ridgecrest California
Robbers Roost
  Pictures above courtesy of Cathy Schmeer  and Richard Schweitzer.
  An outcrop of Sierra Granite standing by itself,  used by the robber Tiburcio Vasquez from about 1850 to 1874.  He and his gang robbed stages and freight wagons carrying gold  ores and bullion from the mines  of the Eastern Sierra to Los Angeles and Bakersfield.  As a defense against his robbery the Cerro Gordo mines made bullion ores into 300 pound balls that couldn't be carried on horseback.  He was finally apprehended in late 1874. 
  My father and Mother took myself and some other kids up here when I was a young kid.  We spent the whole day climbing around and crawling into every hidey hole there.  We pretended to be robbers looking for the next stage which came thru and then as lawmen trying to capture the robbers.  Kids and their imaginations can make any place magically real to themselves.  Sometimes I wish I still had that capacity.      Pat Jones
  Perhaps you too have spent some time at Robbers Roost as a child or with your kids.  If you had a unique or nice experience here, please tell us about it.  We will put your experience or adventure right here along with any others we receive. 

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a view of Robbers Roost taken in January 2006 by Ron Smith.