High Desert Memories - A Hometown Journal Commemorating Ridgecrest California
Original Ridgecrest Pool
  The red dot on the map shows where the old pool was in its heyday.  Some say it was fondly or humorously called Brewers Sewer.
As I understand it the old Ridgecrest Pool of my day has been replaced by what is called the Pinney Pool??  It is apparently named in memoriam for a soldier who was killed while on active duty with the Army.  Please send any pictures you might have of it to me so I can add them to the very small page that is  on the website for it now.

My wishes have been fulfilled as you will note on this page there are now pictures of the Old Ridgecrest Pool courtesy of Robert Walker from the Burros class of 1956. 
  Testing the water for specific gravity and chlorine content was a daily effort
  Everyone had fun here..  It was one of the few places to seek a cool retreat during the hot summers
  This is what it looked like when you were getting ready to make the run and the leap.  I remember it well.  At least a hundred  times.
  The low board provided a place for kids to show off their diving skills.  For some it was a perfect place to launch a forward cannonball.
  There was no high board but this platform did provide a higher place to jump from and a lot of  cannonballs were launched from here. 
  The platform also provided a King of the Hill experience for some.  Here we see a young lad protecting his turf.  Successful???  Who knows?
  Since I was a young boy Ridgecrest has had a public swimming pool.   I don't have the slightest idea what it looks like now but in my day it was a great place to play and it was cheap.  I learned to swim there and I learned a lot of things about playing water tag, water football, and water volleyball.  What a perfect place to spend those hot, hot summer days.

Pat Jones (1956)
About the old Ridgecrest pool.   It belonged to Mr. Brewer, a teacher in the Ridgecrest Jr. high school, 7th grade I think.   Anyway, for two years I was one of the lifeguards, if that's what you wanted to call me, at that pool, which meant that I spent every day there. I got so brown I was almost black from the sun. We had some great days at that pool and the little snack shop next to it. I remember Clay Carroll dancing in his bathing suit to the brand new tune "Rock around the Clock' and we use to laugh at Clays legs, they were so skinny, but we did not do that to his face or we would have gotten "pounded" I can share this about Clay as he was and still is one of my very best friends.

Jim Lloyd (1956)
  The old original pool was owned by the now deceased PE teacher at James Monroe School, named Doug Brewer.  The locals called the pool Brewer's Sewer.  It was located a few block west of the school.

Terry J. Kokosenki
Brewers Pool man what a blast we had there. I remember walking there from our house which was in back of James Monroe with no shoes on running from shade to shade. I went to James Monroe so I knew Mr. Brewer very well. I even got a few swats from him I don't know why I was such a good student (NOT).

Kathy Parker

  Here's what it looked like in the 40's and 50's
... And now
It looks like
Photos courtesy of Pam Noyes