High Desert Memories - A Hometown Journal Commemorating Ridgecrest California
Looking south from the intesection of So. China Lake Blvd. and Upjohn towards the Cerro Coso Community College.  On the right s the Quality Inn and just down from it is the Motel 6.  On the other side is SCE, PG&E and Verizon. 
Cottage Cafe located on China lake Blvd. at what I believe is Wilson St.
SW corner of Church St. and So. China Lake Blvd.  Crest Realty formerly Turner Funeral Home.  In the background you can see Jim Charlon Ford. 
Used to be the old Terrible Herbst located on Calif. Ave. and So. China Lake Blvd.
The El Charro Avitia Mexican Restaurant.  My wife and I had dinner here a couple of times in 1987 when I visited Ridgecrest to bring my parents to Washington.
3 different views of the Heritage Village Shopping Center located on N. Norma St. and Drummond. Heritage Village is a development built in the early 80's.  It includes the shopping center with several restaurants and Vons, dry cleaners, Baskin Robbins, Hollywood Video etc.  Behind the shopping center is Heritage Village a community of condos and homes with club house, pool and the Heritage Village Inn.  The entire development actually extends from Drummond North to Ward St. off of Norma.
Kerr Megee Center and City Hall on California Ave. and just west of So. China lake Blvd.
  NE corner of So. China Lake Blvd. and Upjohn Ave.  Was the old Mr. Taco and sits on the corner just south of the former King Cow Restaurant which is now Kristy's Family Restaurant.
  This is the sales office for Bud Eyre Chevrolet on the site where the Hideaway Restaurant used to be on China Lake Blvd.
  On the NE corner of So. China Lake Blvd. and Parkview is Kentucky Fried Chicken.  If you look just north to the left of KFC you see the arch from the La Fiesta building which is now China Gardens Chinese Resturant.
  The Maturango Museum located on the NE corner of N. China Lake Blvd. and Las Flores Avenue.  Many of you will remember when the Maturango Museum was on the Naval Station. 
  N China Lake Blvd and is the south end of the building complex that was once Desert Motors Ford dealership.
  N. China Lake Blvd. just south of Triangle Drive. the three businesses on the right were once Mary Sue's Dress Shop, Western Auto, and Dudley's Shoe Store.  Today the building houses PS Plus Postal services and a health club.
China Gardens on S. China Lake Blvd. formerly the home of La Fiesta Mexican Food.
Currently this is  Communications Enterprises of Bakersfield. Once A&W drive in and before that the Yucca drive in.
  Today's location of the Kern County Courthouse & Kern County Library plus several other offices.  This is off on East Las Flores just east of N. China Lake Blvd.
  Padgett's Chevron Service on Inyokern Road.  Previously this quonset hut was Tom's Desert Service and later Vern Smith's Chevron.  Acquired by the Padgett family in 1972, the station is still operated in conjunction with their automotive repair business, just east of this building and also in its original quonset hut building.
  This is the Ridgecrest Cinemas near the junction of China Lakd Blvd and Inyokern Road.
  This used to be the old Triangle sports shop.  Located in the triangle made by CL Blvd. and the Inyokern Hwy.  Just to the left used to be the little trailer where they sold Hamburgers.  It was called Babes.
  Burger King built on the site of the old Ridge Theatre
  Bill's Liquor on Inyokern Road.  Used to be Ken's Liqour.  Bangkok House is a Thai  restaraunt and next on the right was Avis Rent-A-Car now relocated to N. China Lake Blvd .  Just east of this is Padgetts Chevron Station formerly Vern Smith Chevron and before that  Tom's Desert Diesel
Texas Cattle Co. located on N. China Lake Blvd. just north of the old location of Doug Butlers Ford business that was Desert Motors.
Santa Fe Grill a popular southwestern style Mexican Restaurant that is part of the Heritage Village shopping complex which is on Norma St. and Drummond Ave.  You are looking west towards Norma st.  The restaurant itself is located on Drummond and Heritage Dr.
A view of the Old K & R parking area taken in the 50's.  I think Corny's and the Midway Cafe are the only original businesses left in this complex.
KLOA Thunder Country Radio lives here now on the strip of Balsam Street which located to the west of China Lake Blvd. between Felspar and right behind Corny's shoes.  Balsam Street resumes again to the south beginning at Las Flores Ave.  This building where KLOA is currently located was once the old Ridgecrest Police Dept.
Mom's Furniture.  Looking South  from K&R's old parking lot.  This used to be Hamel's Furniture many years ago and before that it was Fuller's Appliance Store.  Owned at that time by Harold and Babe Fuller.  They also had a boat dealership at Lake Isabella where they eventually moved.  If you could see right of frame you would see Corny's Shoe Store.
This rather sloppy montage shows the K&R shopping area as it is now.  Of course the K&R is no longer there but I still remember it as the K&R area.
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