High Desert Memories - A Hometown Journal Commemorating Ridgecrest California
Balsam St. Looking east .  Some of the restroration on the east  side of Balsam and is across the strret from the block where the post office was on Balsam.
Balsam St. Looking east.  This complex held the old Leroy's Furniture Store on the corner then next was the Medical Arts Prescription Pharmacy.  Both are gone now but other businesses come and go here.
  SE Corner of French and Balsam Streets, this was once Leroy's Furniture Store and then The Book Store owned by Martha Wagenhal's for a good part of that time.  Today it is home to a new furniture store called Sierra Furniture Gallery.
SW corner of Balsam and Panamint Sts.  Originally this was the Bank of America.
West side of Balsam Street.  At one time Medical Arts Pharmacy was one of the businesses in this block. 
  SW corner of Balsam street and Argus.  Many years ago this was Parker and sons Auto Parts and later Big A Auto Parts.  You can see the junction with Ridgecrest Blvd at the far end of the street.
  On Balsam street looking to the west at one of the locations of the US Post Office, now an auto parts store.  This is the SW corner of Balsam and Station St.
Ridgecrest now . . . .
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Balsam St. Looking NW.  Here you see TJ Frisbees, many will remember when this was Sprouse Reitz and just to the north of that was Karl's Shoes.
Balsam St.
Balsam St. looking NW.  This is the NW corner of Balsam and French St.
NE corner of Balsam and French.  Looking at the Searles Lake Federal Credit Union , formerly Community First Bank formerly, WestAmerioca Bank.
   Balsam St. looking west.  On this corner is where the Ridgecrest Bakery was a number of years in the 60's and 70's.
Balsam Street
The Booklet a used book store located on Balsam Ave.