High Desert Memories - A Hometown Journal Commemorating Ridgecrest California
All Photos below by Cathy Schmeer (Padgett),  Sara Roberts and Pam Noyes
Randsburg is an active Ghost Town. People still live there and work on the mines.  It has a rather interesting history and though it has all the appearances  of being on the way down the opposite is quite true. 

  For a look at some of the history and   more pictures of this town and the  mines go
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My folks both grew up in Randsburg (Dad, class of 39; Mom up thru jr. year then graduated from Trona in 45).  I remember so many of the same places you do!  However, when I took my Dad to the recent Ransburg Days, he finally showed me Charlie Churchill's place.  Rinaldi was my Dad's stepdad for about 10 years.  Dad "cowboyed" for him for many of those years. 

***Both Mom and Dad tell stories about the German spies who stayed at the hotel in Randsburg and spent everyday "spying" on the stockpile of weapons out at Inyokern back in the early 40s.

One item of interest - my Dad was watching when Randsburg burned in 1929.  He let that little gem fall at the Old Timer's meeting during Randsburg Days.

Nickola Johnson (1966)
Randsburg in the early 1900's was a boom town due to the opening of the Yellow Aster mine.  At first all ore was milled in Garlock in the valley below.  Later when wells were developed in Randsburg a new mill was built and the milling all took place here.  Most of the people in Garlock moved up to Randsburg to run the mills.