High Desert Memories - A Hometown Journal Commemorating Ridgecrest California
  Olancha has a rather routine history beside many of the other towns that developed in the 1800's.  It was first inhabited by indians and then a stamping mill was built here.  The "Jawbone spur" of the railroad terminated here.  It was used to support the aqueduct construction which  was occurring at the time.  But mostly it was a place where cattle and sheepherders brought their herds to graze on nearby Monache meadows.  A post office was opened here in 1870 and has remained open since then. 

  Today Olancha has a couple of restaurants to serve hungry travelers and a couple of motels for overnighters who need rest along the way.  There is a large Crystal Geyser brand water bottling plant located about one mile north.  Annheiser Busch owns property here and pumps water for use by their bottling plant in Los Angeles.
  Hwy 395 entering Olancha
Texaco Service
  Old Schoolhouse
Ranch Motel
Dicks Cafe ca 40's
  The Lil' Motel
  Cafe which has seen better days
  A pastoral scene from just outside Olancha
  A view of the Sierras  from Olancha
  Olancha Dunes
Olancha Kilns
The old Homestead Cafe
Ore loading ramp
Early view of the LA aqueduct
Dow Corning Mill
Olancha Dunes