High Desert Memories - A Hometown Journal Commemorating Ridgecrest California
  Mojave was the closest town to go for shopping from Ridgecrest in the 40's.  Many people from Ridgecrest made the 45 mile trip to Mojave on a weekly basis.  It had doctors and dentists and all of the necessary stores for people to purchase the items needed to subsist.  There was a fair sized railroad station there for shipping and passenger service.  There was also Greyhound bus service there from LA to Bakersfield and all points on the compass.  The Marines had a Marine Corps Air Facility here for training purposes in the 40's through the early 50's..  For more on the history of Mojave go Here and a light photo tour Here.
  Mojave Circa 1930
Postcard views donated by Terry Kokosenski
  Mojave Circa 1965