High Desert Memories - A Hometown Journal Commemorating Ridgecrest California
Ridgecrest - Home page of the city of Ridgecrest, CA
OK Desert Rats Forum - A group of Desert Rats who have set up a forum on  the internet to
                                                             share ideas, jokes, experiences,  and adventures.  We have a fun
                                                             time so join us please!!!  All Desert Rats are invited and if you
                                                            didn't live on the desert join up anyhow.  C'mon in!
Sherman E. Burroughs High School - The home page of our Alma Mater
Desert USA Ridgecrest - Desert USA website with a very good page on   Ridgecrest and its
Photo Tours - of points of interest all over the Mojave Desert
High Desert News -   Website of the High Desert News
Red Rock Canyon Photo Tour - A sub page from Digital Desert Tours great photos of Red
                                                                                Rock Canyon in a slide show
Mojave Desert State Parks - A web page from the California State Parks Division
                                                    Mojave Desert Information Center
Inyokern Airport   The Airport at Inyokern has some interesting sidelights.-
UP in Flames Trona Alumni Pages   A web page dedicated to the Alumni of Trona High
                                                                                            School.   There are links to many Trona web pages
                                                                                            and a page dedicated to the Web Masters fight with
                                                                                             cancer.  Take a look!!!
The Daily Independent (on line)   The local fish wrap on line.  News of the local area and sports followups of all the local teams.  
History of VX-5 - The original Navy Squadron assigned to NAS China Lake.  Full of pictures of
                                            Naval Aircraft, Other Navy websites, History of Naval Aviation, links to Aviation
                                           Museums in several locations in the US  and other interesting sites.
Links to other Websites
The links featured here offer additional information about Ridgecrest, neighboring towns and cities and the Mojave Desert in general.  Try them all they are really interesting and informative.
The Complete History of Trona  David Stevens the webmaster for this website has done a
                                                                                great job of bringing together a history of Trona and links  to
                                                                                all things Trona there are.  Take a look and see if you agree.

The Panamint Press  Death Valley's only struggling Publishing Co.   The Panamint  Press
                                                      provides current information about Death Valley and the nearby areas.
KLOA Thunder Country - A local newsite that just about covers everything.
Burroughs Class of 1983A website maintained by Mike Braithwaite.  Lots of good info about whats happening with plans for reunions and pics of the 20th already completed. 
The Radio Room - If your interested in Amateur Radio this is the place for you.   Gene Brewer
                                              (K16L0) has a website that is very detailed in the  description and illustration of
                                               building his personal radio equipment.  His attention to detail in the description
                                               of the  construction of equipment is excellent. 
HOG     (Harley- Davidson- Owners Group)  this website is a compendium of organization and activities of the Ridgecrest arm of this National Club.  If your a Harley owner and haven't joined up yet heres the place to start.
History of Mining in the Mojave Desert - From the first discovery of gold in California thru the complete history of its history thruout the California desert areas.  Larry Vredenburgh has gathered together a complete sketch of the discovery of gold in the desert areas.  Having spent a good deal of time reading this history I found it most intriguing.  Visit this site it is a good experience for those interested in the history of the area.
John Deffes Homepage  John claims Ridgecrest as his hometown and his
                                               Home page is full of his memories and items
                                               of interest about his love for the town and the
                                               area in general.  He is the author of a new book
                                               and has received an acceptance to publish.  Visit
                                               his site and see what a native son did with his life.
Indian Wells Valley Brewing Co.  A fine place to scan thru and see what the Fine
is all about. 
Burroughs Class of 1960-62 - A website maintained by Vance (Bud) Holley CdA Photographer.  Pictures of their 45th Reunion (Oct. 05) and email addresses for all classmates plus links section and various photos of interest.  Excellent website. 
A web page dedicated to the town of Inyokern.  It is a new start up and needs some fill in information.  It will mature with age and will provide a fine place for information about present day Inyokern
History of the Indian Wells Valley and Nearby parts of Kern,  Inyo,  and Mono Counties  A concise history of the area by Janet Westbrook of the Historical Society.
Death Valley National Park Hotels - Death Valley National Park Hotels offers great rates
                                                                                         on over 50 hotels near Death Valley. All of our hotels
                                                                                         have been approved by AAA and the Mobile Travel
                                                                                         Guide, the authorities in hotel inspection.