High Desert Memories - A Hometown Journal Commemorating Ridgecrest California
Kennedy Meadows/Grumpy Bears
  Kennedy Meadows is located up Nine Mile Canyon and a few miles into the flats.   It is a long time camp and jumping off point for hunters, fishermen, and hikers.   You can outfit at the General Store, eat at their Cafe, or spend the night in one of their cabins.  The best part about Kennedy Meadows is that it is high in the mountains, surrrounded by trees and sage and is a beautiful place to spend a day or more. 

Experiences of those who
have been there

Where exactly is Grumpy's located, it sounds so familiar????


Hey Dee,   do you remember where the sawmill used to be, north of Inyoken ? Grumpy's is west of there in Kennedy Meadows.   I'm sure you have been there,  lots of parties back in the day. Stay Cool

Randy Jacobs

We used to go up to 9 mile to romp in the snow. Grumpy Bears was the place to get a great meal and a hot drink. They used to have some pretty good partys up there too. That is if the genarator had gas and the lights were on.   Even after I left RC I used to go up the to the deer camp and do a little hunting, had a mtn. lion get one of my horses and had to take her down the mtn. to Inyokern to the vet and get her sewed up. It was about 200 stitches and I think that guy charged us about $2.00 a stitch. A big thing on the mtn. was the story about the hippies that tried to make jerky out of bear meat, they had to air vac them out with tric., I always knew hippies were stupid. Does anyone still go up to Grumpys or is it still there? 

  Jerry Beach

Hey Jerry, I think it's still there. It's real hard to move a landmark like Grumpy Bear's. I was up there about 13 years ago, and it was still kicking it. They really knew how to fix up some great food huh? Ever since I moved to Sacramento County I haven't had a great desire to go up and visit anyone. Steve Frick and I ran out of gas one winter in the curve in the road just past there. Fortunately we were in a my Dad's camper and didn't freeze our Gleutious Maximus' off. Had the best breakfast ever the next morning though. Alot of flatlanders are tearing up the meadows with their 4 wheelers though. I guess you could say the bikers are taking over {Hehehe}.   Darn wheelheads, next thing ya know they will be parkin them things in my backyard.


I'm sure if they parked them in your back yard they would get great care. I sure don't like the idea of the meadows being tore up, it's such a pretty place and peaceful. I love the Aspins and the smell of the meadows in the spring and fall. We used to stay in the cabins up by the hot springs and the only way then to get there was on horseback, back then.   I can't remember Bob's last name, the guy that ran it, was a policeman,  I'll think of it soon I hope.   Your right about the meals at Grumpy's, no matter what time of day you ate there it was great and the place was fun.

  Jerry Beach

I'm glad Grumpy's is still hanging in there I'm sure they probably have electricity  by now. When we used to go there if they ran out of gas for the generators it was candle light and flash lights, that could be fun too.   Do they still have that great fire place?


They still run on generators and an occasional candle and flashlight. They also still have the fireplace, but they enclosed the porch!   I miss the open porch the most.   The food has improved since Charlie and Bev don't have it anymore. Though Charlie made the jerkey for a while,   he now is retired and loving it.   Pat and Jan have it now and if you ever go there all you have to say is hi to them and you are instant friends.   They will have a band this weekend and everyone is guaranteed a good time.

  Colleen Mahoney

It's amazing the things that last through time. I'm glad Grumpy's is one.   I'd like to find a place around here like tha,t Just someplace to go and shoot a game of pool and have a friendly beer.   It's hard to capture the atmosphere of the old things.   We have 5 acres and talking to the people next to us about buying 6 more,   I think it would be a kick to open a Drive-in,   my husband thinks I'm crazy sometimes. You keep enjoying Grumpy's and have a cold one for me.


Thanks!! That's what I was wondering, I thought it was up in Kennedy Meadows.
Loved Cotton Wood Creek, used to camp there a lot with my parents when I was
younger. Than once for an entire week with Janet Stanton and her 4 year old little girl, Amy. Talk about passin' a good time!! :D No one wanted us to go, they were afraid because we were two girls and a child, and all alone. We knew they would come looking for us and they did. Only problem was, we told them we'd be up at Kernville. ;oř We changed our minds above Inyokern when it was time to make the turn, left or right, we just wanted to be left alone and have a little peace. Every two days we changed our camp spots, that way we were absolutely sure no one could find us. ‹ Dee

Well Jerry, I do know that as of yesterday Grumpys was there. But as you might know now, its in danger. I big ol' scary fire is threatening it. But, be thankful we have lots of brave men and woman fighting the fire to save everyones properties in the area. And keep our hopes up that we will be able to return to it this winter.

Nathaniel Look

The reader board in front of the General Store
General Store entranceway
General store patio
The famed Grumpy Bears!!
Inside the store are many surprises.  An office with shelves covered with what looks like cooking sauces and a fast food area masked by a what seems to be the semblance of a  stable
Here's a little surprise as you enter
On the patio
More to come in the future!!!
These pictures were taken in August of 2007 as you can see there have been some pretty stark changes since the fire went thru there.  There is very little green to be seen except for the grasses.
Scene after scene of lightly clouded blue skies, meadowland covered with brush and snow and mountains as a backdrop fo finish off the picture.
Kennedy Meadows in the winter is a playland. 
Covered with white virgin snow which goes on for miles.