High Desert Memories - A Hometown Journal Commemorating Ridgecrest California
  Keeler was a terminal for the steamer ships that traversed Owens Lake from Keeler to Cartago. Keeler took all the ore from the smelter at nearby Swansea, and shipped it via either steamboat or the Carson and Colorado railroad, which ended at Keeler. Keeler handled ore from many towns in the area, but mainly Cerro Gordo, which is only about 8 miles to the NE. Keeler was a much higher class town than the others, and many miners' families lived in Keeler. Keeler gave out soon after the mines did.

  Keeler also has the unenviable title of Dust Storm Capital of the USA, due to its location on the eastern edge of Owens (Dry) Lake where the alkali dust is thickes
t.  There are some other websites that have historic and factual information about Keeler HERE and HERE
As if anyone would want to bother  those that are here
Sway backed garage??
  Keeler Mill
The beer wall
There is beauty even in the desolation of a ghost town!!
The Keeler store
An old Ore Chute
Just an old door but its a significant piece of the times gone by.