High Desert Memories - A Hometown Journal Commemorating Ridgecrest California
Creepy Crawlies and other earthly things . . .
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     I guess everyone who lived in the desert has some stories about the creepy, crawly, slithery, noisy, and scary things which inhabit the area,  other then the people I mean. 

There wasn't a single day that went by that I and the kids I was with didn't see a tarantula, scorpion, centipede, vinagaroon, Colorado Kissing Bug, Rattle snake, sidewinder, lizard, tortoise, rabbit, coyote, buzzard, hawk, or other denizen of the desert.   It was always somewhat surprising and kind of made you ever watchful for such things.  The ladies especially seemed afraid of such things.  As illustrated below,  some of them were completely terrorized by our manylegged friends.  Keyword: Eeeeeewww!
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  You guys are crazy... LOL... I do remember the "water bugs" on the base and the "silver fish" in the garage of our RC house... But I never tried to collect them. :D We lived out in the middle of the barren desert, what's up with all this?

D'Laine Brannan

   Eeeewwww!!! I forgot all about water bugs and silver fish. Not certain how I couldn't have forgotten about the silver fish...the were a standard part of every household (lol). Remember Vinageroons (sp?)I had never actually encountered one until my son decided to "play" with one when a toddler. There he sat, in the middle of the kitchen floor, talking to one. When I realized there was a huge, nasty, scary looking bug sitting on the floor between his spread legs, I grabbed my son up, screamed (I DO NOT NOW or will I EVER do bugs), and ran...it was at that time I found out that those evil things chase you when threatened!!! Gawd...just thinking about those things gives me the willies!!! Eeeewwww!!!

Lisa MCcauley

  Yes, I do!! Came home really late one day, trying to sneak in the front door, two of them things right by the door knob. Liked to die.

D'Laine Brannan


  Bugs, bugs, and more bugs. I really sympathize with you girls. Some of us boys had to go out at times and catch Rattlers, and Sidewinders to bring home to Mom. I would say that you probably have it pretty good now a days (as long as your sons don't bring Reptiles home for you on Mother's Day). Hehehe... I do remember the Silver Fish, Giant Cockroaches, Vinegaroons, and Scorpions too. How nice it is to live these days up in Northern California where none of those nasty critters live. Is someone turning green? FOMCROTFLMAO.



  You haven't seen a GIANT COCKROACH until you've seen the ones in the Philippines. They're so big they have to radio in their flight plans. They sit above the door jams and when you walk through the door they jump on you. NO FOOLING.

  They also have big ones in the Florida Keys, but there they call them Palmetto bugs, but its a cockroach to me.

  Do you remember one year at the R/C Fair they had Stink Bugs crawling all over the ground, they had come in with the carnival trucks. It had to be some between '60 and '64.

Clarice Graham