High Desert Memories - A Hometown Journal Commemorating Ridgecrest California
Photos this page Laura Pappas
  Bodie was named after a man who discovered gold here named William S. Body.  Apparently the spelling was changed to assure that the pronunciation was correct.  Bodie was a more or less sin town amongst the towns in this area of California.  Bar and street fights, killings, robberies, and other skulduggery were almost daily events.  Of course this is to be expected in a town that sported 65 bars. 

  Bodie was also touted to have the worst weather of any town anywhere.  In the -20's in the winter and the high 100's in the summer it surely had some large temperature changes from season to season. 

  Today Bodie is State Historic Park and is headlined as a ghost town in arrested decay.  I guess that means that some work is done to keep the older buildings from falling down!!!