High Desert Memories - A Hometown Journal Commemorating Ridgecrest California
   These files are in Adobe pdf format.  If you don't have the free Adobe pdf reader you can get it by clicking  on the icon on the left.  Once you have downloaded and installed the reader then you can download and read the pamphlets.
   Some time ago a gentleman sent me these six pamphlets originally published by ConTel in the late 50's and early 60's.  They provide an interlocking history of the whole California Mojave Desert areas.  If your just interested in Ridgecrest and China Lake then download and view the "Upper Mojave Desert"  pamphlet.  If you would enjoy a really intense and brief history of all the areas covered in this website then download them all and start having a great time.  Please note that most files are greater then 1.5 megabytes so make sure you have plenty of time if your on a dial up connection.
Historic References