High Desert Memories - A Hometown Journal Commemorating Ridgecrest California
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II  instigated the effort to start a Class of '56 Scholarship Fund, and have been working recently to accomplish that.† BHS Registrar's Office and Finance Dept. are handling our contributions, and I am working with DATA (Desert Area Teachers Association) for that organization to accept and evaluate scholarship applicants, and to select the successful applicant - at least for this year.† Our first scholarship of $1,000.00 will be awarded in June.† To date we have over $2,100.00 in our fund and are still seeking contributions.
  Robbie Carr's report on the Scholarship Fund
As an adjunct to our getting back together each member of the Class of í56 stood up, identified themselves, their significant others/guests and made a brief statement as they desired.  Everyone was asked to hold their comments down to 30 seconds so that we didnít starve to death during this phase of the reunion.  After this we will go to dinner!!!
  . . . . .  now it's off to dinner and some high class socializing!!!
The Greaser stands up and takes a turn.  Based on the expressions of everyones face in the photo below he must have said something that was funny.  Typical Jimmy DeVous
Jack Joyce tells us about his Dude Ranch in Oregon.  Jack is still that plain spoken, non-PC person we came to know and love in High School.
Everyone seemed to enjoy this segment of our Reunion because they were both curious and wanted to take part. 
Lightly haired and silver clad heads sure make great light reflectors don't they???
Anthony Cox (Pat's son), Tom & Claudette Zurn, Robbie Carr (back to camera) and Linda Lou Thurm
Linda Lou Thurm and Margaret Hannon
Anthony Cox, Ray Thurm &  Linda Minshew
John Grenfell looking over the the 1956 Annual to see how things used to be.
Dan & Annie Gibbons, Jackie & Bernard Graham, Judy Lee Myers & Leonie Neuman
Never a silent moment in that room
Christine Hathaway, Patricia Clayton, Linda Minshew, Vivian Ryno, Sue & Jack Tipton and Ivan Weightman.
Class of 56
50th Reunion