High Desert Memories - A Hometown Journal Commemorating Ridgecrest California
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Introduction of the Reunion Committee
Cheryl Bernhardi  -  business of getting a place to have the reunion and organization of the rooms.  Our interface with the management of the El Charro  Who drives a very hard bargain.  So much so that I gave her the handle Sgt Major.
Robbie Carr -  who authored and is in sole charge of our Scholarship fund.  He will address us a bit later on this subject.   Robbie has had some family tragedies of late And through all here he is to take part in  this celebration with us.
Doug Cowan – Our nostalgic entertainment and Memories triggering diversions technician.  The music you hear and the slide shows you will see are his productions.  He is also in charge of setting up the equipment for his “shows”!
Jim Devous -  A solid source of advice and technical assistance with the recruiting efforts. He has experience from actively triggering interest in a couple of other mini reunions which have occurred at Robbie Carr’s home in Arroyo Grande, CA over the past few years.  They were known as AG I & AG II.  Some of you here attended these.
Diane Heyden – Our lady from Montana!!!  She has offered up some spectacular finds in our missing classmates.   For instance we had Don Wilson as deceased yet here he is in the flesh thanks to Diane’s sister Bobbette informing Diane that he was indeed alive and kicking.    I frequently used her as a sounding board and a judge of our plans and actions.    One thing you should know.  Diane agrees with almost everything!!!
Pat Jones -  I guess you could say that I steered the committee and in addition I collected your bios, designed, published and assembled the Memories books.   Doug Cowan and I designed the name badges and I produced them.  In addition to these important functions I also was the chief worrier and detail nitpicker.  I’m sure that many of you are going to be glad if I never send you another email or call you on the telephone again in your lifetime!!!!
Joan McKernan – Our treasurer and my personal sounding board for problems as we confronted them along the road to this event.  She has done an admirable job of keeping all of the committee members abreast of the flood of classmates who responded to the call.  (Remember that statement I will bring it up later.)
Milt Rogers Milt worked with Al Simmons in the recruitment and encouragement of each of you in getting your Bios in and attending the Reunion.   He spent a great deal of his time on the telephone talking to all of you and enjoying the contact with old friends.   He had other priority responsibilities so he couldn’t be here tonite.  We do appreciate his efforts and positive attitude.
Al Simmons -  Recruitment, attendance encouragement and where the heck is your bio officer!!!    He and Milt Rogers who is not here tonite bombarded your email boxes, rang your phones off the hook and employed other methods to encourage you to submit bios and get your bodies here to this celebration.  Judging by the attendance here tonite I’d say these two gentlemen did one heck of a job.
Sue Basden -  Volunteered to help wherever help was needed.  We appreciate her help and spirit in making this reunion a reality. 
Jackie Pappas – Who has made a major part of the decorations you see.  I think we should thank her soundly for her participation in this project.  She volunteered for this effort  without any coaching.  She  just saw a need and she took off like rocket and made it happen.
Class of 56
50th Reunion