High Desert Memories - A Hometown Journal Commemorating Ridgecrest California
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Page 6
Pat Jones checking his book out
Pete Spooner and Bob Walker mug for the camera
Pete Spooner and Diane (Deem) Heyden
Pat Jones & Vivian Ryno renewing an old acquaintance.  From 5th grade all theway thru high school.
Don't know what was in that drink but it must have been horrible!!!
Sue Basden, Robbie Carr & Jamie Carr demonstrate how you read thru your bifocals.  Fine print I guess.
Joann (Lane) Armstrong and her husband Jack ham it up  for the camera
Davidena Grenfell n' Dan Gibbons
Tena (Cowan) Miller n' Don Miller
Clark n' Darlene (Lynn) Mulliner
Diane Heyden n' Al Simmons
Davidena Grenfell n' Jim Belisle
Along about 7 PM it was necessary to get all the people into the main room so we could start our Reunion properly.  There was no PA system so Pat, in his best Marine voice, hollered out for everyone to start moving into the main room.  Everyone seemed quite surprised but  after he did it a second time everone got the idea.  It got pretty crowded in that room with all of us in there.  But we adapted.
Pat Jones was honored to emcee the meeting
Jim Weston began the meeting by offering the invocation.
IIntroduction of Honored Guests - Mr. & Mrs. Norman Osborne.
You will probably remember Mrs. Osborne as Ms. Igel who was our Freshman and Sophomore Social Studies teacher.  On a personal note- Ms. Igel was responible for finding out that I needed to wear glasses.  She was conducting a flash card program in our class one day and I just couldn't make them out.  She suggested I ought to go see an Optometrist and have my vision tested.  A week later I was introduced to a whole new world out there I had been missing all along.  Thank you Leona!!!
Cheryl reads letters and cards from
invited guests who could not attend.
Jim Devous offered the Memoriam, reading the names of all classmates who have passed on.
Diane Deem literally leaped to the occasion in leading us all in singing the Alma Mater.
Much to Pat's surprise, Cheryl presents him with an award from the Class of 1956 for his efforts in organizing and assisting in getting the 50th Reunion off the ground.  This award was placed on a table out front so everyone could sign it.  It is now  displayed proudly in Pat's computer room at home.
  The Kickoff Ceremony begins . . . .
Class of 56
50th Reunion