High Desert Memories - A Hometown Journal Commemorating Ridgecrest California
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The Reunion started at 6:00 PM and people trickled in at the start and then the pace picked up by 6:30.
At first things went slowly with people standing around and talking in little groups as they met more and more of the arrivals.  Above we see Ted Wilde and his wife Laura talking to Dvidena Grenfell and Sue Basden and her husband Jack talking  to Robbie Carr and his wife Jamie.
Sherri Rorie, Don Wilson and Trevis Rorie meet up for the first time in years.
Hugh and Barbara (Doyle) Mouser
Margaret (Kranyk) Lloyd, Diane (Deem) Heyden and Bobbette Deem meet.
Jamie Carr, Sherri Rorie, Davidena Grenfell, Don Wilson, Trevis Rorie and Robbie Carr meet and greet.
Mr. & Mrs. Osborne (The former Leona Igel) our "Guests of Honor" arrive.
Sue & Jack Tipton
Joan McKernan & Judy Lee Myers
Jackie (Hernderson) McPheeters
Mike Pierce
Margaret Hannon, Linda Lou and Ray Thurm meet up.
Jim (Da Greaser) and Larryne DeVous still love birds after a hundred years.
Joy (Westcott) Allen
Mary Smith, Arline (Smith) Fath & Patty (Adams) Graham (Mary is Vincent Smith's wife.
John & Davidena (Fischer) Grenfell
Linda (Clark) Minshew
Vivian (Goulet) Ryno, Ray Thurm and Christine Hathwell
Class of 56
50th Reunion